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There have been a lot of changes lately in this telescope tourist’s life. Two big changes dwarf the others, and gave rise to lots of little fractal-like changes of their own: I started my first real, non-internship job covering space and physics for Wired.com, and I moved from the east coast to Seattle.

To get to Seattle, two of my dearest friends and I packed everything we could fit into my tan Toyota Camry and drove literally from ocean to ocean. (We drove an extra two hours on the last day to make sure we put our feet in the Pacific, since Seattle’s not actually on the coast.) We stayed with friends, took a couple hundred pictures, and drank more varieties of beer than I had thought possible. We swam in lakes, rode horses, and played a green ukulele around a campfire. It may literally have been the time of my life.

Kristine's poems "Illinois" and "Montana" displayed at Gimme! Coffee

I planned a few science writing trips along the way — our visit to the historic Yerkes Observatory was featured on Wired last month, and there are more to come.

But one of my road buddies, Kristine Heiney (pictured above, in the Badlands of South Dakota), kept a much more powerful record: She wrote poems. And she’s getting some recognition for them. Thirteen of her poems (two from the road trip) will be hanging in Gimme! Coffee in Ithaca, New York for the entire month of November. If you’re anywhere near Ithaca, go check them out! They even have some science in them.

In case you’re not going to be anywhere near Ithaca in November, Kristine said I could post the whole set of poems here. I can’t think of an introduction that would do them justice, so I’ll just let you go read them. They’re the best record I have of what those days felt like.



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